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April 19, 2011



• DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, BREACH OF PEACE, OBSTRUCTING AN OFFICER: Ptlm. J.D. Lambert and Sgt. T.A. Gray responded to Harrison Street, where a complainant advised a man had been yelling at the complainant's dogs and throwing things at them.  At one point, the complainant advised that the suspect threw a rock at the complainant. The rock missed the man but hit a vehicle nearby. The complainant advised he did wish to pursue charges. Officers located the suspect at the Downtown Motel and instructed him to go into his residence and stay there, due to his apparent level of intoxication. According to a report by Lambert, officers attempted to speak with neighbors and witnessed him exit the apartment and look in the direction of the neighbors' residence. When they approached, the suspect allegedly went inside his room and locked the door. When they advised Adam Copley, 22, of Princeton, that he was under arrest, he then reportedly refused to comply with the arrest and was forced to the ground.

April 8

• PETIT LARCENY: Ptlm. D.A. Weatherly responded to First United Methodist Church, where a complainant reported a stolen leaf blower. The custodian for the church advised he sat the leaf blower down, and when he returned, it was gone. Officers searched the area and local pawn shops but were unable to locate the item.

• AGGRAVATED DUI, SIMPLE POSSESSION: While patrolling Brick Street, Ptlm. J.D. Halsey reported seeing a gray Chevy Blazer traveling with an expired registration sticker. The officer initiated a traffic stop and reported he smelled alcohol on the driver, who reportedly failed field sobriety testing. A breath sample indicated that the driver was under the influence of alcohol, registering a blood-alcohol content of 0.160. Rodney England, 31, of Matoaka, was charged with aggravated DUI. A passenger, John Lester, 28, of Princeton, was charged with simple possession, after a search allegedly revealed him to be in possession of a marijuana cigarette.

• FAILURE TO APPEAR FOR LEARNER'S PERMIT, NO PROOF OF INSURANCE: Sgt. T.A. Gray arrested Jennifer Jessee, 24, of Princeton, when she turned herself in on an outstanding warrant for the listed charges.

• DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY: The owner of Hair Hut reported that someone had knocked over the outside of the air-conditioning unit. Ptlm. M.B. Gergely reported they suspect may have been attempting to steal copper, because some copper wires were hanging out of the unit.

• DOMESTIC BATTERY: Officers responded to Highland Avenue, where a complainant reported a loud noise and screaming coming from the residence. Ptlm. B.E Grimm found the screen door to the residence had been broken, and there was debris all over the front porch. The officer attempted to get someone to answer the door, but he ultimately wound up entering the house on his own, where he heard a male yelling over a female's screaming. As he approached a bedroom, the officer encountered a male and observed a female lying on the bed inside the room. Grimm and assisting officers held the man in custody and talked with the female, who said the man had grabbed her by the throat twice and slammed her into the bedroom wall. William Nestor, 24, of Princeton, was arrested on a charge of domestic battery.

April 9

• BREACH OF PEACE: Ptlm. W.M. Bradley and Ptlm. D.A. Weatherly responded to the emergency department at Princeton Community Hospital, where a female patient was causing a disturbance. The woman was reportedly yelling and grabbing at the nurses who were attempting to help her. Officers attempted to get her to calm down, but she refused. Rebecca Austin, 40, of Shady Spring, was arrested for breach of peace.

• BATTERY: Sgt. T.A. Gray responded to EZ Coin Laundry, where an injured person was reported lying behind the business. The officer spoke with the suspect, who advised he had been drinking with some subjects when they threw him from their vehicle and beat him. Gray advised the man to report to the police department to file a report when he was released from the hospital for treatment.

April 10

• RECKLESS DRIVING, DEFECTIVE EQUIPMENT, UNDERAGE CONSUMPTION: Ptlm. J.D. Halsey was patrolling Courthouse Road, when he reported seeing a silver Mercury Cougar traveling at an excessive rate of speed with a broken side mirror. Halsey initiated a traffic stop on South Walker Street, and detected the odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle. The driver, Patrick Taylor, 19, of Princeton, was cited for reckless driving and defective equipment. The passenger, Joshua Pendergrass, 19, of Kegley, was cited for underage consumption.

• BREACH OF PEACE: Officers responded to Brick Street, where a female advised that she wanted her husband to get his belongings and leave the residence. After receiving several calls of a possible dispute involving the husband at the residence,  Lt. P.W. Hill reported that officers were called back to the residence, after the husband allegedly fought with the wife's cousin. James Fruia, 23, of Princeton, was located hiding behind the residence. He was charged with breach of peace.

April 11

• POSSESSION OF A FIREARM ON SCHOOL GROUNDS: Ptlm. T.A. Bailey responded to Princeton Middle School, where a student reportedly had a gun at the school. The principal advised a BB gun had been located in a restroom garbage can. The suspect reported he had found the gun in his locker and didn't want to get into trouble for having it. He alleged he then attempted to get rid of the gun by throwing it away. The report was forwarded to juvenile probation officers.

• DRIVING REVOKED:  Ptlm. J.S. Bish responded to the area of South Walker Street, where callers reported a person operating a white Chevy Monte Carlo in an intoxicated state. The officer located the vehicle and reported seeing the driver turn without signaling and drive with objects obstructing his view of the roadway. Upon execution of a traffic stop investigation, the officer determined the driver was operating the vehicle on a license that was revoked due to DUI. Douglas Reed, 47, of Matoaka, was charged with driving on a revoked license.

• CAPIAS FOR DELIVERY OF CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE: Ptlm. J.S. Bish arrested Michael McLean, 38, of Princeton, on a bench warrant from Judge Derek Swope's court.

• PETIT LARCENY: Ptlm. B.E. Grimm responded to Pam's Place, where a complainant advised that someone came into her residence by removing a bedroom window fan. The only thing reported missing was some money that had been stored in a piggy bank.

• SHOPLIFTING: Lt. P.W. Hill responded to the Dollar General Store on Mercer Street, where a woman was accused of shoplifting. The woman gave consent for the officer to search her purse, and as the purse began to empty, Hill reported she attempted to conceal two eyebrow pencils that were allegedly stolen from the store. Cynthia Champ, 43, of Kegley, was cited for shoplifting.

April 12

• PROSTITUTION, SOLICITING PROSTITUTION: While patrolling Mercer Street, Det. Sgt. J.W. Howell saw a black Honda Accord pull to the side of the road on South Seventh Street. A young female then approached the vehicle and entered the passenger side. The officer followed the vehicle to a back alley behind the Fred Gilbert Activity Center, where he advised he saw the woman performing oral sex on the male. After talking with both parties, they allegedly admitted to trading $20 for sexual favors. Chelcie Baker, 22, of Princeton, was cited for prostitution. Keith Vonscio, 49, of Beckley, was cited for soliciting prostitution.

• FAILURE TO APPEAR FOR DRIVING SUSPENDED, OPEN CONTAINER: Ptlm. J.S. Bish arrested Victor Phillips, 41, of Princeton, when he turned himself in on a warrant for the listed charges.

• DRIVING REVOKED FOR DUI: While patrolling Straley Avenue, Ptlm. B.E. Grimm reported seeing a gray Jeep Cherokee with a brake light that appeared to be defective and a vanity plate cover that obstructed the registration sticker. The officer initiated a traffic stop and learned that the driver's license was revoked due to DUI conviction. William Tate, 39, of Gaston, S.C., was arrested.

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