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September 1, 2013

Princeton Police, Mercer Sheriff blotters Aug. 22-29

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

PRINCETON — Mercer Sheriff

Aug. 22

CAPIAS: Dep. J.E. Coulter located and arrested Hope White, 25, after being informed of a warrant for her arrest in Monroe County.

Aug. 23

PETIT LARCENY: A male subject reported the license plate had been stolen from his vehicle.

PETIT LARCENY: A female subject reported the license plate had been stolen from her vehicle.

BATTERY: A female subject reported her sister's boyfriend had pushed her outside of a door at residence on Littlesburg Road. Warrants are pending.

Aug. 24

ATTEMPT TO COMMIT A FELONY: A male subject reported to Dep. E.P. Parks that another male subject had traveled on to another person's property. The male subject reported the other male could be attempting to remove something from the property. Parks and Dep. D.A. Furches responded to the area. Upon arrival, they observed a male subject attempting to use a saw to remove a radiator from a bulldozer on the property. The male allegedly informed the officers that he did not have permission to be on the property. John Blankenship, 46, of Athens, was arrested.

DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE; NO SEATBELT: Dep. A.M. Ballard was traveling on US 460 Westbound in Green Valley when he observed a vehicle traveling partially in the center-turn lane of the roadway headed East. The deputy believed the vehicle to be speeding but was unable to confirm this. The deputy turned around and located the vehicle near the intersection of US 460 and Courthouse Road. The vehicle was allegedly traveling below the speed limit when the officer located it. The deputy initiated a traffic stop and the vehicle complied. The officer approached the vehicle and observed the driver's seatbelt to be undone but fixed as if to appear connected. The driver appeared to have a slight tremor when the officer spoke with him. The driver replied he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder. The officer advised the male driver of the reason he stopped him. Allegedly, the driver replied a sports utility vehicle was traveling behind him and he was trying to get out of the way. The officer did not observe a vehicle consistent with this. The male allegedly reported having a prescription for Xanax and had run out of the medication. The male allegedly reported not taking any other medications. Allegedly, he failed three field sobriety tests. The officer placed the male under arrested. While searching the car, the officer located drug paraphernalia in the vehicle and a prescription bottle of 19 pills on the male subject. The pills had been prescribed to the male. The male allegedly did not respond when the officer asked why he reported taking Xanax. The officer observed several needle marks on the male's forearms. Tony Underwood, 48, of Princeton, was arrested.

PETIT LARCENY: A male subject reported golf clubs had been stolen from his vehicle.   

Aug. 25

POSSESSION OF A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE: Dep. W.E. Rose received a complaint of a marijuana plant growing on a back porch near Spanishburg. Upon arrival, Dep. J.D. Ellison, E.P. Parks, and Rose observed a three foot tall marijuana plant growing in a pot. The officers knocked on the door to the residence. A male subject answered and claimed ownership of the plant. Allegedly, he told the officers he wanted to see if he could grow one. The male also allegedly admitted to frequently smoking marijuana. Allegedly, this occurred while the male was on probation. The officers arrested the male subject. The officers then located a female living at the residence. Allegedly, she informed the officers that the plant was not hers but she did know it was illegal to grow. James Hill, 26, and Amber Wright, 27, of Spanishburg, were arrested.

PETIT LARCENY: A male subject reported items were missing from his motorcycle.

Aug. 27

DRIVING SUSPENDED: During an investigation of a car accident, Dep. D.A. Furches learned one of the drivers had a suspended license. Marisha Lumpkins, 36, of Princeton, was arrested.

STALKING: A female subject reported that another female subject was stalking her.

OBSTRUCTION; FALSE EMERGENCY: Sgt. S.J. Cary responded to Inland Court near Bluefield in reference to a theft. Two subjects, a male and a female, reported that the female's aunt had stolen money from their residence. The officer observed the two did not have matching statements. The female subject, when asked about the discrepancy, maintained her story. The female then took the officer to speak with her aunt. The aunt reported borrowing money from the two and agreeing to pay it back with interest. Allegedly, when she did not pay, the two subjects took her food stamp card and kept it for three months. A neighbor confirmed borrowing money as well and that the two had stolen her food stamp card as well. When confronted with this, the female allegedly admitted to filing a false report. The male subject allegedly was uncooperative. Jasmine Christian, 24, and Stevie Bailey, 55, of Bluefield, were arrested.

Aug. 28

PETIT LACENY: A member of the maintenance staff at the Mercer County Courthouse reported locating a male prisoner's property envelope in a trash can. From the security tape, the officer observed two females leave their cell to obtain a drink of water. Allegedly, one of the females took the envelope and was observed going through the contents on camera footage. The officer did not observe the other female handle any of the property. The female was transported back to the Southern Regional Jail to await video arraignment.

TRESPASSING: A female subject reported two male subjects gained unauthorized access to her property. Warrants are pending.

Aug. 29

GRAND LARCENY: A male subject reported a box of tools was taken from the back of his work truck.

Princeton Police

Aug. 22

BREAKING AND ENTERING; PETIT LARCENY; DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY: A male subject reported damage and items were missing from a business on Mercer Street.

BREACH OF PEACE: During the investigation of a theft, Ptlm. R.S. Gibson and Lt. T.A. Gray spoke to a male subject. Allegedly, the male claimed to be drunk. The officers advised they would not take the complaint while the male was drunk. The male allegedly became belligerent. The male allegedly refused to comply with the officers' instructions. Thomas Yates, 62, of Princeton, was arrested.

Aug. 23

FAILURE TO APPEAR; SIMPLE POSSESSION: Purcell Lash, 19, of Princeton, turned himself in on warrants.

SHOPLIFTING: An employee of Roses reported a male subject had taken several pairs of shoes without paying for them. Warrants are pending.

DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE; DRIVING REVOKED FOR DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE; POSSESSION OF A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE; SPEEDING: Ptlm. E.D. Leftwich and Sgt. J.D. Halsey were on radar patrol on Thornton Avenue when they observed a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed. Radar determined the vehicle was traveling at 41 mph. The officers initiated a traffic stop. The vehicle almost collided with a vehicle before coming to a stop. Upon approaching the vehicle, the officers observed the smell of alcohol coming from the vehicle. The officers noted driver appeared glassy eyed. The driver allegedly admitted to drinking that night. The driver allegedly failed three field sobriety tests. The officers observed white powder coming from the male's nose consistent with drug use. The male was found to be in possession of seven hydrocodone pills. The male allegedly refused to provide a breaZth sample for testing. Joseph Lane, 47, of Princeton, was arrested.

FUGITIVE FROM JUSTICE: Ptlm. J.E. Malm located and arrested Mandy McPeak on multiple warrants.

Aug. 24

BATTERY: A female subject reported her mother had struck her in the face three times. Warrants are pending.

BREACH OF PEACE (TWO COUNTS): Ptlm. B.E. Grimm responded to Subway in reference to two subjects panhandling outside of Subway on Courthouse Road. The officer located the two males in a nearby parking lot. The officer observed both to have the odor of alcohol on their persons. Edna Runyon, 42, of Princeton, and David Cecil, 43, were arrested.

SHOPLIFTING: Ptlm. E.D, Leftwich and Sgt. J.D. Halsey responded to Grants at the Athens Crossroads. The store manager reported a female had taken batteries without paying. Upon investigation, the officers located other items the female allegedly was attempting to steal. Loretta Hall, 46, of Princeton, was cited.

Aug. 25

DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE; DRIVING REVOKED FOR DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE (SECOND OFFENSE): While on patrol, Ptlm. J.E. Malm observed a vehicle with a defective brake light. The officer initiated a traffic stop. The vehicle complied along Stafford Drive. Upon approaching the vehicle, the officer observed the odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle. The driver allegedly admitted to consuming beers and to having a revoked license. Allegedly, the male driver failed three field sobriety tests. The male registered a 0.204 blood-alcohol content. The driver was arrested. Later he registered a 0.161 blood-alcohol content. Joshua Walker, 32, of Beeson, was arrested.

BATTERY: A female subject reported another female grabbed her face and struck her. Warrants are pending.

FUGITIVE FROM JUSTICE: Capt. K.T. Compton located and arrested Angela Jones, 44, of Princeton, on warrants from Virginia.

FAILURE TO APPEAR: Brandon Daniely, 23, was located and arrested.