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September 17, 2012

Priinceton Police Department — Sept. 6-11, 2012


Sept. 6

•    SHOPLIFTING: Sgt. T.A. Gray responded to Kroger on Stafford Drive, where management advised a suspect had concealed a box of nasal spray and attempted to leave the store. Brenda Tapp, 28, of Princeton, was cited for shoplifting.

Sept. 7

•    WANTON ENDANGERMENT: Ptlm. D.R. Murray, Sgt. T.A. Gray and Lt. K.T. Compton responded to Princeton Avenue, where a complainant advised that one man shot at another. The complainant advised that the suspect came to his house, prompting the complainant to exit the home to speak with him. The suspect allegedly chased the complainant with a black gun in his hand. The complainant advised that the suspect forced him to kneel with his legs crossed while the suspect fired two shots at him, missing both times. At that point, the complainant attempted to flee, and the suspect allegedly ran, firing two more shots as he went.

•    BURGLARY: Lt. K.T. Compton responded to Bee Street, where a complainant advised someone entered his home and stole a game system and several DVDs.

Sept. 8

•    DOMESTIC BATTERY: Sgt. T.A. Gray, Ptlm. B.E. Grimm and Ptlm. J.S. Bish responded to Mercer Street, where a complainant reported a domestic dispute was in progress. The female at the residence advised she and her husband argued when she got home from work. The woman claimed she attempted to walk away from the husband, and he allegedly grabbed her neck and pushed her against a wall. The officers reported seeing marks on her neck consistent with her statement. After talking with the husband, Jacob Davidson, 31, of Princeton, the officers charged him with domestic battery.

•    DISORDERLY CONDUCT, OBSTRUCTION, ASSAULT: Ptlm. J.S. Bish observed a man standing in front of the Suddenlink entrance on Mercer Street. He reported seeing the man pulling on the handle of the door in an aggressive manner. The officer talked with the man, reporting that the suspect said he was at home and just wanted to go inside. After further questioning, the man allegedly reported he had been drinking at Danny’s bar and was attempting to walk to his home on Washington Avenue. The suspect allegedly became belligerent during the discussion, prompting  Bish to arrest Franklin Kennedy, 55, of Princeton, on the charges listed.

•    SHOPLIFTING: Ptlm. J.S. Bish responded to Kroger, where a complainant reported seeing a man take a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20 and attempt to leave the store without paying. Charles Ellison, 50, of Princeton, was cited for shoplifting.

Sept. 9

•    DOMESTIC BATTERY: Sgt. E.T. Pugh, Ptlm. J.S. Bish and Ptlm. B.E. Grimm responded to Mercer Street, where a complainant advised she came home from a friend’s house and her boyfriend started to choke her and punch her in the stomach repeatedly. The suspect fled the scene before officers arrived. Warrants were pending.

Sept. 10

•    SHOPLIFTING: Ptlm. R.S. Gibson responded to Main Street, where a complainant at Grant’s Supermarket reported a female shopper had attempted to conceal several pieces of steak on her person. Adreanna Whitlow, 29, of Princeton, was cited for shoplifting.

Sept. 11

•    PUBLIC INTOXICATION: Ptlm. R.S. Gibson responded to Town Square, where an altercation had already occurred. The officer spoke with two men reportedly involved in the dispute. One alleged the other had been harassing him throughout the evening as he attempted to read a book. Witnesses confirmed the statement. The complainant told the officer he just wanted the suspect to leave him alone. The officer talked with the suspect, who then left the square.

Sept. 13

•    DUI: While on routine patrol, Lt. B.R. Woodard reported seeing a blue Chevy S-10 traveling north on Bee Street fail to yield for a stop sign. The officer initiated a traffic stop, at which time, the officer reported smelling a strong odor of alcohol. The driver allegedly reported he had consumed five drinks at a restaurant. The suspect reportedly failed field sobriety testing and registered 0.137 in a blood-alcohol test. Joshua Jones, 31, of Princeton, was charged with driving under the influence.


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