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May 29, 2012

Fleas are a year-round problem



“Your pet’s veterinarian can help recommend the most appropriate product to help prevent fleas based on other factors (e.g. other skin conditions, food allergies, etc.) as well as discuss the appropriate way to administer the product (e.g. orally or topically),” Diesel said.

Diesel suggested using a flea prevention that lasts the entire month and is still effective if the pet gets wet.

“Using flea prevention every 30 days, or more frequently in some situations, can provide the best protection from fleas biting your pet, can kill adult fleas rapidly, and can prevent a flea infestation from being established in your pet’s environment,” Diesel said.

Diesel and Friedeck agreed that it is important to minimize an animal’s exposure to fleas by avoiding infested areas and pets coming in contact with animals that have fleas such as wild animals.

“There are some things which can be done to minimize exposure to fleas: avoid known infested areas, do not allow your pet to come into contact with wild animals or burrows, and protect areas of the house where wild animals may enter to minimize wild animals from establishing residency in the first place,” Diesel said.

If fleas become a problem inside the house, Diesel and Friedeck suggested vacuuming once a week.

“Vacuuming is a very good way to rid of fleas in the house, but the bag must be thrown away and removed from the house,” Friedeck said.

She added that if there is a large flea presence, there are in-house treatments and exterminators.

Diesel suggested focusing on places where the pets spends most of their time inside the house when bombing because that will contain the most concentrated area of fleas.

“Don’t forget under beds and furniture, behind curtains, and along hallways connecting rooms when treating the house for fleas,” she said.

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Pet Talk
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