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February 17, 2010

Finches and falling iguanas a reminder spring will eventually arrive

I’m looking outside as I write this, and what I’m seeing is what I and everybody else has been seeing for the last month or more: gray skies and swirling snow. And when I arrived at the Daily Telegraph to start my shift, I was greeted with another dose of uplifting news. We had another 6 inches of snow on the way. I mean, this is worse than the blizzard of 1993. Then we were hit with one big blast of snow, and that was pretty much it. This year, we’re getting a blizzard in installments. It just doesn’t stop.

When the gray skies don’t go away, you’ve got to grasp for every little bit of encouragement you can get. For instance, the check-out clerk who rang up my rations the last time I was in a store said that she saw flowers trying to peek out of the snow, so spring can’t be too far away.

I’m not what you call a flower person, but some outdoor color would be nice. Like everyone else, I’m tired of living in what’s become a black-and-white world. Sometimes when I look out the window, I think of that old horror movie “The Thing” featuring James Arness of Matt Dillon fame as the monster. It takes place at the North Pole and Arness plays an alien plant creature that feeds on blood. Well, a plant monster wouldn’t be bad round about now; at least we’d see some green.

This weather makes you notice any little oasis that reminds you that winter is not permanent. Recently I did a story over at GlenWood Park Retirement Village about a pair of aviaries the operators installed a few months ago. When you go into GlenWood’s lobby, you see colorful finches flying around a glass cabinet and singing songs that belong in a Disney movie set in the spring.

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