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April 16, 2013

Tennis: Beavers sweep Hillbillies

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph

BLUEFIELD — Justin Freund and Jose Tarin improved to 8-0 in singles play, and 8-0 as a double team during the Beavers win over the Hillbillies at Bluefield City Courts.

Bluefield improved to 8-0 on the season, and will visit Princeton today.


Justin Freund (B) def. Larry Browning 8-0; Jose Tarin (B) def. John Collins 8-0; Paul Hoffman (B) def. Austin Elkins 8-0; Austin Tyree (B) def. Jacob Schoolcraft 8-3.


Freund-Tarin (B) def. Browning-Elkins 8-0; Tyree-Jordan Volmer (B) def. Collins-Schoolcraft 8-4; Paul Hoffman-Tyler Myers (B) won by forfeit. Exh: Hoffman-Myers def. Browning-Elkins 8-6.

Graham 9,

Tazewell 0

TAZEWELL, Va. — Conner Wilson and Hassan Muzaffer won singles matches, and combined to win a doubles match in a non-district win over the Bulldogs at Lincolnshire Park.

Tazewell (0-7) will visit Richlands on Friday.


Conner Wilson (G) def. Tim Boyd 8-0; Hassan Muzaffer (G) def. Wyatt Stevenson 8-1; Otto Leung (G) def. Zach Harman 8-1; David Figueroa (G) def. Tyler Stillwell 8-3; Jorge Castillo (G) def. Cole Rose 8-1; Dakota Miller (G) def. Hunter Mash 8-5.


Wilson-Muzaffer (G) def. Boyd-Stevenson 8-0; Figueroa-Castillo (G) def. Harman-Jonathan Stillwell 8-1; Miller-Dexter Kirk (G) def. T.Stillwell-Mash 8-1.

Boys Tennis

Princeton 6,

South Charleston 1

SOUTH CHARLESTON —  William Robertson improved to 10-2 on the season in leading the Tigers past the Black Eagles.

Princeton will host Bluefield today.


William Robertson (P) def. Chandler Milam 8-2; Jacob Jones (P) def. Sam McMinn 8-6; Brian Stevens (SC) def. Ryan French 8-6; Adam Anderson (P) def. Kahil Weldon 8-4.


Robertson-Jones (P) def. Milam-McMinn 8-1; French-Anderson (P) def. Stevens-Luke Bucklen 8-1; Dustin Bailey-Hunter Alford (P) def. Conner Hey-C.J. Hudson-Farley 8-6.

Girls Tennis

Bluefield 7, Man 0

BLUEFIELD — Top seed Zoe Nicewonder won a singles match, and combined with Alex Lewis to claim a doubles tilt in the Beavers’ win over the Hillbillies.

Bluefield (7-0) will visit Princeton today.


Zoe Nicewonder (B) def. Katie Curry 8-0; Emma Cole (B) def. Tiara Owens 8-1; Brooke Cundiff (B) def. Cierra Schoolcraft 8-1; Borden Thomas (B) def. Sarah Hale 8-3.


Nicewonder-Alex Lewis (B) def. Curry-Owens 8-0; Claire Bailey-Molly Lovern (B) def. Schoolcraft-Hale 8-0; Sarah Brady-Thomas (B) wins by forfeit. (Exh: Camilla Deeb (B) def. Lesly Vance 8-1).