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November 28, 2013

Local children share tips for Thanksgiving turkey

PRINCETON — Thanksgiving is an especially magical time for children even if they don’t understand the process that puts a turkey on the Thanksgiving dinner table. Some local children did their best a couple days before the big event to explain how the magic happens.

Children at the Kidz at Hart Day Care Center painted paper turkeys orange, yellow, purple and red as they were asked about the cooking of real turkeys. Three-year-old Addison was asked if her family’s turkey goes into an oven. Her grandmother handles the preparations.

“She doesn’t put it in nothing,” Addison said. The turkey just arrives.

Her classmate Cole, 4, wasn’t sure how the big bird is cooked.

“I don’t know,” he said, painting his paper turkey. “My grandma cooks a turkey.” He was more focused on plans to “shoot a skunk.”

Cambria, who said she is four and a half years old, was asked what was her favorite part of a Thanksgiving turkey.

“I think the head,” she replied.

Robert, 3, was asked if his family puts a turkey in an oven to cook it. He looked up and set the record straight.

“No, he puts it in a stove,” Robert said.

Some of the children had ideas about a recipe for the perfect Thanksgiving turkey. Thyme, rosemary, parsley, salt and pepper, and butter usually come to mind, but the children had other ideas.

“She puts it in water with oranges and lemons,” said 3-year-old Hunter.

Payton, 4, had another recipe in mind.

“They do it with apples, and they do it with cheese and that’s it,” Payton said.

Classmate Carson, 4, thought the process of preparing at Thanksgiving turkey was pretty straightforward. It didn’t involve anything fancy.

“We put it in the oven. Then you cook it and then you make a turkey,” Carson said.

Emily, 3, and Isabella, 4, like chicken nuggets with Thanksgiving dinner. Kamara, 4, summed up the Thanksgiving turkey experience very directly.

“We put it in an oven, and then we eat it!” she said.

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