Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

October 22, 2013

Journalists shine bright light on area’s Hatfield-McCoy Trail

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

BRAMWELL — ATV riders who write for publications across the nation sampled one of the country’s newest ATV venues Monday when they rode the Pocahontas Trail, Mercer County’s branch of the Hatfield-McCoy Trail.

Ten ATV riders arrived in the town of Bramwell after a trip from nearby Wyoming County. Another wave of 10 visiting ATV and travel journalists is expected today, said Mayor Louise Stoker.

“I do know Kawasaki is doing this,” Stoker said. “They are bringing journalists from all around the country. They’re doing stories about Kawasaki machines, the Hatfield-McCoy Trail, and Bramwell.”

The ATV riders gathered in downtown Bramwell and reflected on their trip.

“We rode from Pineville to Bramwell, and tomorrow we’ll go back to Pineville and take a very different trail,” said Jon Rall, a public relations and marketing specialist for Kawasaki.

The Pocahontas Trail offers routes for both beginning ATV riders and more advanced riders, Rall said.

“It’s just a great trail system,” he said after arriving in Bramwell. “The people are so nice. All of the journalists have said how the hospitality is so wide open. We keep coming back because of the way it’s nice, and it’s so pleasant.”

Stoker said the town and surrounding area has stayed busy since the Pocahontas Trail opened. Visiting ATV television show producers and journalists from across the nation have brought more attention to the trail.

Many riders have dubbed the Pocahontas branch the “Disney World of the Hatfield-McCoy Trail,” she added.

“The last two weekends, every bed available here has been filled, all of the places for ATV riders,” Stoker said. “So we do see the results of wonderful publicity such as this.”

Bramwell has seen ATV riders from every state except one, Stoker stated.

“I have not met anyone from Hawaii yet. I’m waiting for that,” she said.