Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

July 8, 2013

New foundations for families

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

BLUEFIELD — New housing construction in Bluefield is moving along smoothly despite delays from summer storms.

With walls going up on six of the eight anticipated new dwellings near the intersection of Highland Avenue and Cherry Street, Mary Turner, development director with Community Action of South Eastern West Virginia (CASE WV), said construction crews are turning attention to the rehabilitation of a gutted brick house as well as the construction of a brand new single-family home in the lot near the intersection.

“We are hoping to start construction on the last house right on the corner in a few weeks,” Turner said. “That will be a single-family home we are putting up for sale. The rest of the properties will be rentals. We are also doing construction on the rehab of the brick house, which was gutted. When that is finished, there will be a two-bedroom unit downstairs and a one-bedroom unit upstairs.”

Despite the weather, Turner said progress is being made on the six other rental properties being constructed.

“It has come a long way in a short period of time,” Turner said. “All of the foundations are complete and the flooring is complete. The walls are now starting to go up. The rain has held us back some, but we are still on schedule. The estimated completion date for those is still in the early fall. It is amazing to see how fast the entire project has been moving.”

Turner said CASE WV has already begun receiving applications from those interested in living in the units or purchasing the yet-to-be-built single-family dwelling. Applications for both the purchase and rental homes are available at CASE WV’s offices on Bluefield Avenue.

“We are already accepting applications for the single-family house that will be for purchase and have a waiting list on the rentals,” Turner said. “We have a few applications from people wanting to live in the rentals already.”

Additionally, Turner said the project has received overwhelming support from the community.

“The general public has been very complimentary,” she said. “It has made a difference in the neighborhood already. The change has been great and very influential. We are seeing people sprucing up their yards. The city is working to maintain the sidewalks and keep things clean.”

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