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May 7, 2012

Va. water lines get upgrade

CLAYPOOL HILL, Va. — Three big water projects will soon be underway in Claypool Hill, Va., and others are in the planning stages for other areas of Tazewell County.

Tazewell County Public Service Authority Admin-istrator Dahmon Ball said construction is set to begin today to restore water lines to an estimated 400 customers in the Cedar Land Farms subdivision in Claypool Hill, Va.

“The Cedar Land Farms subdivision rehabilitation water project is located in Claypool Hill,” Ball said. “There are two parts to this project. Contract one is being completed by Bailey and Wells of Richlands, Va., and contract two is being completed by Eastern Tank and Utility Services of Princeton. The first part is rehabilitating lines in that system. It is approximately 17,900 feet of six-inch, four-inch and two-inch water line. There are approximately 400 homes in that subdivision. The subdivision was taken into the PSA system years ago and that water line was put in by a developer. Over the years the line work was undersized and due to age and water loss in the system, we decided to go in and put in new line.

Ball said area residents need to be aware of crews working and take proper safety measures.

“What we want to do is make the public aware in that area that construction will be starting (today) the week of May 7,” Ball said. “We want everyone to use due diligence and safety because there will be a construction crew there with equipment and installing the line. There will be roads that might be one lane or closed, but we will make people aware when we work on the different streets. Effectively, they will have improved water service to their area when all this is said and done.”

When the first part of the project is completed, Ball said crews will then begin working on a water tank in the subdivision.

“There is also a 50,000 water tank in the subdivision to be rehabilitated and that will be done as the second part of the project,” he said. “When you refurbish a tank you take all the water off line. While the tank is off line, people will be getting their water service from the Pounding Mill tank. The crews will check the tank inside and out to see if any repairs need to be done to the tank. Overall, this will improve the water system in the area and also helps the PSA with accountability of water loss.”

Another water project planned for the Claypool Hill area will involve upgrading the existing wastewater treatment plant. Presently, the Tazewell County PSA is seeking funding for the project.

“We are planning to add on to the Claypool Hill Waste Water Treatment plant to apply for funding from the Department of Environ-mental Quality in July,” Ball said. “That would be an upgrade to the current plant. The sewer plant services the Claypool Hill and Wardell areas of the county. The Claypool Hill area has seen quite a bit of growth. The application is just to upgrade the existing plant, which was built in the 1970s. We are looking to future growth as well as serving the existing customer base with this upgrade.”

Ball said the county is applying for funds for another water project in a subdivision located outside of the Bluefield, Va., town limits.

“We have already applied for the St. Clair Heights Water Project with the Virginia Department of Health,” he said. “We filed on March 30 for an application for construction. These projects are competitive and they are ranked statewide. We should hear something back by June or July on whether or not we have the potential of being funded for that. They have a lot of wells in that area and some are not adequate drinking water in that area. We are just trying to provide clean drinking water to the area. The Virginia Department of Health is big on funding water projects and they are always trying to fund public water where feasible.”

Another project in the works could bring public water service to the Tannersville area of the county, Ball said.

“We are in the process of acquiring a water purchase agreement between the PSA and Smyth County for a potential Tannersville Water Project in the future,” he said. “In order to apply with the Virginia Department of Health for a project, you must have a water source. The source of water we are looking at is in Smyth County. That would be a brand new project bringing a new water line into the area. What you have is you come to an agreement on a price and quantity of water we would purchase from Smyth County for our project. Those are normally long-term contracts in order to provide the longevity of water service for the area.”

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