Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

May 25, 2013

Bear cub spotted in Bluefield; officials urge residents to take precautions

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

BLUEFIELD — Residents in Bluefield are being asked to keep their trash secured and pet food out of their yards following another bear sighting in Bluefield.

Sgt. G.W. Lightfoot with the Bluefield Police Department said residents on Frederick Street reported seeing a bear cub in the area to police on Friday.

“The call came in on the 300 block of Frederick Street,” he said. “It was no more than 2-feet tall. This one was a cub, most likely one that has been recently kicked out of the den by its mother.”

Lightfoot said the bear is not believed to be the same animal reported in the parking lot of Bluefield Regional Medical Center on Thursday or the bear that has been seen in Bluefield, Va.

“The one Thursday was much bigger,” Lightfoot said. “Even so, we are still asking people to take precautions, keep their trash up and keep their pet food and pets out of the yards.

“We also want people to stay away from the bear if they do see it. They get hungry and so they are looking for anything to eat.”

Lightfoot said bear sightings are fairly common in the city this time of year.

“This time of year the females are kicking the males out, so the males are out searching for new territory,” Lightfoot said.

“We have contacted the West Virginia Department of Natural Resources. They are sending someone out to set up a trap for the bear and will send it somewhere else, probably in a few counties over,” he said.

 Police in Bluefield responded Thursday afternoon to reports of a bear sighting on Cherry Street near Bluefield Regional Medical Center, but the animal retreated into the woods just as law enforcement officers arrived on scene.

A bear has also been sighted throughout Bluefield, Va. in recent weeks near the town hall on Huffard Drive and in the Sedgewood neighborhood. The bear has been spied going through trash cans in residential neighborhoods.

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