Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

November 17, 2012

Work at intersection of Stadium Drive, College Avenue to ease traffic congestion

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

BLUEFIELD, Va. — Town officials are asking motorists to be patient with traffic conditions on College Avenue as they work to remedy congestion issues in the area.

Cody Musick, zoning administrator and assistant town manager for the town of Bluefield, Va., said he understands some travelers are frustrated by traffic delays due to construction at the intersection of Stadium Drive and College Avenue.

“During any construction project like this there are delays, but the end project will be a better flow of traffic,” Musick said. “Between Bluefield College, businesses in the area, and football at Mitchell Stadium this is a heavily used area. Our goal is to improve this area for all of them.”

High-traffic congestion in the area is the main reason the town is undertaking the construction project, Musick said.

“The congestion is the sole reason why we are trying to improve the intersection,” he said. “The contract is for 60 days to partial completion and 90 days to completion. It will take out the turning lane and the triangle there. The ultimate goal is a better flow of traffic in the area.”

Due to how heavily traveled the intersection is, Musick said there was never an optimum time to do construction.

“We looked at different time frames, but there never was a time better than another because this intersection is always busy,” he said. “Between the college being in session, football games, and big events like the Second Chance concert at Mitchell Stadium there is never a time when it would be optimum to do construction there. In the end, this will be a benefit to the whole community.”

Musick said construction crews are trying to get paving done before the asphalt plants close and are working steadily to complete the project.

“They have been working on it since October,” Musick said. “They are trying to pave it before Thanksgiving, and they are trying expedite this project before the asphalt plants close at the end of this month. We are hoping to see this project completed by late December or early January.”

Though the construction is contributing to congestion, Musick said drivers will be rewarded for their patience when the project is done.

“We just ask that people be patient,” Musick said. “Anyone who has ever driven this area before knows it can get quite congested. The entire goal of this project is to fix the design and ongoing problems with congestion. When this is finished traffic will flow much better in that area.”

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