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March 16, 2014

Critters and a war movie on date night

BLUEFIELD — As I stared at the white rat running around in a cage, my husband said something about wanting a ferret, or a hamster or maybe even one of the lizards a few doors down. I shuddered at the idea of waking up to one of these “critters” in the living room. I walked past the black female hamster on her wheel and looked at the ferrets. They look like small puppies, he insisted. The animals looked nothing like the furry puppies on calendars. In an effort to avoid the spider and live bug aisle, I walked back to the front of the store. There were hangers full of clothes for dogs. I held up an extra large sundress. The clothes were also near the bins of treats. Who knew they made animal crackers, fruit loops, sandwich cookies and graham crackers for dogs? Nothing looked like a dog biscuit. I could imagine my brother eating one of these doggy treats. He likes dares. One time where we young, he ate a dog biscuit. He might like these better. They really smelled like cookies.


It was date night. While waiting for the late movie, we wondered into a few stores. Petsmart was right beside the sporting goods store. Do you know how hard it is to window shop in a pet store? Spiders, rats, mice, hamsters and lizards aren’t exactly things I dream about putting in my closet. Before we got married, other couples shared advice on the importance of date night. Make it a habit, they said. So we did. No one said anything about looking at spiders through glass cages. My idea of window shopping is purses, shoes and cute dresses. My husband would rather watch hamsters dance in a cage. At one point, he pulled out his phone and made a video of the animal. We left without any furry friends.

Date night continued, despite the snow and freezing temperatures. The movie theater was empty on a Wednesday night. I figured only a few would brave the weather and the movie “300: Rise of an Empire.” Have you noticed how long the movie trailers are now? There was at least 30 minutes of previews and not one of them was a romance or comedy. And why were they all horror movies? I kept watching for Julie Roberts to flash her trademark smile. Instead, all I got was a movie about a bloody mirror and a movie featured Tom Cruise bouncing around in some weird and gawky body armor suit. As for the movie, it was bloody. Surprisingly, I followed the plot a lot better than the first “300” movie. I did close my eyes a few times.

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