Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

October 20, 2013

And the wedding countdown begins

Associated Press

— — There are wedding countdowns everywhere. In the kitchen, written on one of those dry erase boards. On our phones. Of course, there is an countdown app with a romantic background of wedding bells and roses. Perhaps the biggest countdown is the clock inside the bride’s mind. At this point, with less than two weeks until the wedding day, I wake up every morning with a mental countdown. Or maybe a ticking bomb. There is still a lot to do to get ready for the big day. It seems like ages ago when I first wrote about my engagement back in June. Time really does fly, as the old saying goes.


When I started wedding planning, friends and family wanted to know about the dress, the cake, the flowers and all the plans. There were so many different options, it was overwhelming. In the end, I went with my a lot of my first choices. I felt those were true indicators of my personality. I like classic styles, rich, bold colors and timeless details. And while I adored plenty of fall-themed weddings, my eyes lit up at the rich shades of purple and pink. I am a romantic at heart. By now, all the planning has been done. It is more of a waiting game for this bride and groom. Well, not waiting around. We are still busy trying to combine two households into one. Wedding stuff and moving boxes are everywhere.

The newsroom can’t escape wedding madness either. New reporter Anne Elgin is a newlywed. On slow days — when the scanner is quiet — our conversations tend to central on weddings. The guys, who would rather talk about action movies, are speechless, clueless as well. They look desperately at the silent scanner. They are not used to so much girl talk. I can’t blame them. After all, I have seen my fiance’s eyes glaze over a time or two during this process. It is true; there is wedding talk everywhere. At home. At work. At church. A few readers have offered their congratulations in advance. We really do live in a wonderful small-town community.


All those countdowns are fun, an easy way to anticipate the big event. But it is also a ticking time bomb. There are to-do lists right along with those cute countdowns. Each day is another day closer to one of the biggest deadlines of my life. Life is about to change in less than two weeks.

And I am not just talking about my last name. New house, new town, new routines. There will be new experiences to write about in Lifestyles. A few readers have already suggested a couple of worthy column ideas — like the process of legally changing my last name, my first few weeks of cooking as a newlywed and remodeling an older home in Bluefield. The possibilities are endless.

At the same time, I am rapidly approaching my six year anniversary with the newspaper. I remember writing my first column; it was about snow and winter. The late Tom Colley was the editor of the newspaper back then.

Now, six year later, I am writing about my wedding and adding a new last name to the top of this column. I have come a long way since that first column, both professionally and personally. Over the years, I am glad I have shared my life — the races, vacations, childhood stories and more — with the residents of the two Virginias. And now, a wedding.

Jamie Parsell is the Lifestyle editor of the Daily Telegraph. Contact her at