Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV


May 11, 2014

Meet the new nursery coordinator

BLUEFIELD — I have a new title these days. I am the nursery coordinator at our new church in Brushfork. At first, I was surprised at the request. I almost laughed at the preacher. I had a list of excuses ready.

“I don’t have much experience with babies.”

“I work a lot”

“I just like to help, not be the leader.”

“I don’t like smelly diapers.”

“I am allergic to kids.”

None of those sounded good outside of my head.

So instead of excuses, I said, “Sure!”

What have I gotten myself into?


Let’s back up. A few weeks ago, I signed up to be a helper in the church’s nursery. It was a beautiful spring morning. My husband, who didn’t feel good, stayed at home. I was told to expect anywhere from one or two children to five or six. Really, it just depends, they said. Looking back, I can’t even remember how many toddlers were in the nursery that day. The boys outnumbered the one girl — a baby who could crawl. The rest of the pack ran around with toys cars and trucks and of course, their sippie cups. It was a challenge. I hadn’t kept the nursery since I was a teenager in my childhood church. I was thankful for my years of baby-sitting and nursery work. By the end of the hour, every child was happy, dry and with their parents. I was happy too. Nothing feels better than serving others and the Lord.


Guess I better back up some more. New church, new nursery, right? I spent a year at my previous church. I loved the familiar pews, the friendly people and preacher’s sermons. It is where I took my husband on Easter morning while we were dating and where we walked down the aisle to say, “I do.” So why leave? A church has to fit both husband and wife, not just wife. A new couple has to blend two different lives. I had to take into consideration another opinion, preferences and decisions. My church wasn’t really my husband’s church. We talked and decided we needed a smaller church. I don’t recommend church hunting in the middle of winter. After a few months, we found a church in need of folks to do the work of the Lord. It fits our new life together.

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