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May 5, 2014

Time to have a garden or not?


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In the evenings, still in my work clothes, I stare out the kitchen window at the back yard. The forgotten garden is an eye sore. I need to work in the back yard. No more plants are there, just weeds and boards lining the area. Once it is cleaned, we will have to decide whether to plant grass or grow a garden. In the old days, a garden would have been the obvious choice. Households lived off their gardens in the summer and canned fruits and vegetables for the winter. It saved them money and filled the table. Now most people enjoy their garden as a hobby, share their produce with friends and family or live too far away from grocery stores. Plus, a lot of folks want to grow their own food for personal reasons.


You can’t meet a garden halfway or make a compromise with a row of green beans. You have to care for a garden to get results or else you waste your time. Today, my work schedule, along with my husband, leaves little time for gardens. Life is busy. My husband, who has more experience with gardens, would like to grow a small garden. A few tomatoes plants? Sure. The promise of a ripe, juice tomato in July is more than enough motivation. I can plant tomatoes in a bucket and sit them on the patio. As for the rest of the garden, I need  more convincing and a few days rest. I am still sore from Sunday’s garden work.

Jamie Null is the Lifestyle editor of the Daily Telegraph. Contact her at or on Twitter @BDTParsell.

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