Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

December 22, 2013

Who you going to call?

Bluefield dad creates homemade slime gun from ’80s film

Bluefield Daily Telegraph


Bluefield Daily Telegraph

Nelson Saddler, 38, of Bluefield, enjoys playing Santa to his 5-year-son Dylan. But this year, he slipped into a role he never imagined — a holiday-inspired MacGyver. Sadler is making the famous Ghostbuter slime gun for Christmas. He has been working on the project for about three weeks.

“Dylan has been wanting me to find their slime gun, but as expected, that was impossible. So I researched it on the web and found that a few people had made them for costumes and such,” Saddler said.

Dylan picked out his favorite and asked Saddler to make him one to play with around the house to find ghosts.

“So a few mental notes and saved photos later, I head to Lowe’s to attempt to get the materials ... I headed home with a few bags of items and some PVC pipe, and other essentials needed to become the MacGyver-dad I am,” Saddler said.

Dylan’s fascination with the Ghostbusters came from watching the 1984 movie on a lazy day. It was one of Saddler’s favorite movies as a kid.

“Since then, he has wanted games, clothes, toys and whatever else he can find pertaining to the Ghostbusters,” Saddler said. “While playing his video games, he had seen numerous tools they use and had tried to make them himself.”

Dylan took his kindergarten backpack and put a vacuum hose inside of it to make one Ghostbuster gadget.

“He goes through the entire house with it strapped to his back yelling ghost sounds and acting out all the different characters,” Saddler added.

The homemade slime gun will give Dylan another tool for his ghost hunting play. Saddler hopes to be finished with the project in a few days, just in time for Christmas. A coal miner who works 14-hour days, he had struggled to find time to work on the present.

“Dylan is my life. I would do anything to make his Christmas special. Times like this just go to show you that the expensive store-bought toys now days are sought after, but there is nothing like a gift from your dad that no one else will ever have,” Saddler said.

He can remember his late mother creating gifts for family and friends. He especially recalls the looks on people’s faces when they opened the homemade gift.

“They looked as though the gifts were worth millions of dollars. Simply because they were made with love ...I hope to pass those memories on to my son and let my mother’s legacy live on,” he added.