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November 17, 2013

Party with a princess

Princess party planners delight young residents

BLUEFIELD —  Whenever Cinderella meets young residents of the two Virginias, they want to know where Prince Charming is and why he didn’t come to the party.

Jennifer Bohannan, 24, of Bluefield, who portrays Cinderella, finds the questions amusing, most of the time. At a recent Halloween event, one small child wanted to know if the fairy tale couple had any children.

Bohannan loves all the questions, even if does take some quick thinking. At least she knows the children still believe in fairy tales.

“They completely believe,” she said.

A theater major grad, Bohannan and her roommate Mindy Blume, 25, of Forest Hill, are a party planning duo. They launched Princess Appointments in August.

“I am Cinderella and the human Little Mermaid,” Bohannan said. “Mindy is Snow White and Belle.”

Both women dress in costumes that link them to the iconic descriptions of each princess. However, they add original designs and follow the traditional fairy tales. Bohannan got the idea after seeing a similar business in Northern Virginia.

“I thought it was a neat idea,” she said.

Plus, it would allow them to use their degrees in theater.

The response from local children has been overwhelming.

“They are so excited. They ask us all these questions,” Bohannan added.

She said the best part is helping a little girl hold onto her belief in princesses and fairy tales. A lot of them are on the brink of growing up, she said. Most of their business comes word of mouth and from appearing at non-profit events around the two Virginias.

The business targets girls from ages four-12. They are the most enthusiastic, Blume said.

“I think females are the most social gender,” she said “We love to have parties and get together ...”

In addition to princesses, the duo is creating an original fairy for their clients.

“We are excited about that,” Blume said.

Each woman has a favorite character, which has made their business more personal.

“I really like Snow White because our society puts so much pressure on looking a certain way — like being tan,” Blume said.

Snow White is always described as having pale skin, a characteristic Blume can identify with on a daily basis. She also likes Belle because of the character’s passion for books. Bohannan isn’t sure why she likes the Little Mermaid so much. It was her first princess love. As a 2-year-old, she watched the movie over and over.

“I fell in love with it,” Bohannan said.

Princess Appointments have various packages, ranging from autograph sessions to a full party. Bohannan and Blume have a background  in character portrayals. They have participated in many Civil War events, portraying historical women.

For more information about Princess Appointments, visit their website at or visit them on Facebook.


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