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July 28, 2013

Yard games


CHARLESTON — Jarts (lawn darts)

l 2 hoop targets

l 4 lawn darts

Rules of play:

Place the hoops 35 feet apart and divide players into two teams of two. One member of each team stands to the side of each target. The players toss the darts toward the opposing target. Points are scored if the dart lands inside the target. The first team to reach a score of 21 points wins.

In a variant of the game called Handly Cup Style, points are scored for darts landed inside the target and also for darts that land near the target. In this style, the scoring is more complex and based on the distance of each team’s dart from the target.


There are several versions of croquet, but the most common version played in the U.S. is called American Six Wicket Croquet.

l 4 or 6 mallets, depending on the number of players

l 4 or 6 balls

l 6 wickets

l 2 scoring stakes

Rules of play:

The object of the game is to be the first to use your mallet to hit your ball through the wickets and into the stake. Croquet is played in teams, with two or three people to a side. The order of play is always blue, red, black and yellow, followed by green and orange if there are six players. In team play, blue-black-green goes against red-yellow-orange; for four players, teams are blue/black and red/yellow.

Players take one shot per turn. Extra shots can be earned by knocking the ball through a wicket or by striking another player’s ball; this is called a roquet. Clearing a wicket earns one bonus shot. Striking another player’s ball earns two bonus shots.

Additional and more detailed rules, including the layout of the wickets and stakes, can be found online by searching “American Croquet.”

Ladder golf

l 3 golf-ball bolas per player

l 1 or 2 ladders, or goals, with three rungs each

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