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October 27, 2013

Our horror movie guide for Halloween

— — Freddy Kruegar — the fictional character on “A Nightmare on Elm Street” series — kept me awake at night. I had caught a glimpse of Freddy in the television series sometime in the mid ’80s. The clawed glove and Kruegar’s appearance, along with screams of terror, created a lasting impression. I promised myself — at a very young age — I would never be one of those people who liked to be scared, especially on Halloween. Except for a few “Scream” movies ( I don’t think those are really scary, but all my friends were into the series), I kept my promise. I still avoid all horror movies, if possible. Many times, like the time I watched part of ‘Psycho,’ I was tricked into movies. The trickery and persuasion hasn’t changed my mind. I am still an anti-horror movie fan. But the Telegraph newsroom is filled with horror movie fans. So in the spirit of Halloween here are their recommendations for some Halloween fright:


“My favorite horror flick is John Carpenter’s low-budget but classic ‘Halloween.’ I was years too young to be allowed into an R-rated movie when I tricked my mother into taking me and a friend to see the film. It kind of scarred me for life. At the time, the scariest movie I had seen was ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ so I was totally unprepared for the suspense, stalking and slashing that embodies ‘Halloween.’ To this day, I think Michael Myers is the ultimate movie villain. Since then, I have viewed many, many horror movies. Other favorites include the zombie flick ‘28 Days Later,’ Stephen King’s ‘Silver Bullet,’ ‘The Shining’ and “The Exorcist’.”

— Editor Samantha Perry


“The first time I was actually scared by a movie was after watching ‘Race with the Devil’ on television. I was just a small child at the time, and found the ending of the movie to be quite shocking. The good guys were all killed by a group of satanic followers. And they didn’t just die, but the ground opened up, and swallowed their giant R.V. We were led to believe at the end of the movie that they went to hell — literally.

The 1975 flick starred of all people Peter Fonda, a well-respected actor for the time. It focused on a couple vacationing together in their R.V. from Texas to Colorado where they were pursued and terrorized by satanic worshippers. If I saw the movie on television today, I’m sure it would come off as pretty lame. But as a small child — it was quite terrifying.”

— Assistant Managing

Editor Charles Owens

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