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February 3, 2013

Every woman's dream closet

Local mother and daughters share tips for organization

 In Marilyn Tinder’s home, sweaters, arranged by style, then color, look like soft pastel clouds. Scarves, rolled and tucked, shine from a bed of satin and silk. Shoes line up perfectly. Dresses and suits hang from the closet, ready for a night out. The organization is reminiscent of a storefront — everything is folded, tucked and meticulously arranged in order.

A perfect and well-organized closet is every woman’s dream come true. Tinder’s daughter Cathy Bailey, 53, of Bluefield, said everybody wants to spring clean and organize to make life easier.

“If your house is in order, nine times out of 10, your life is in order,” Bailey said.

Tinder, 85, of Bluefield, said the overhaul of her closets, drawers and bedroom started a few days ago. Her daughters, Beth Lipton, 62, along with Bailey, took control. Lipton, who is from Los Angeles, Calif., said the family has a system to the madness, which starts by tossing everything — sweaters, purses, shoes, tops, dresses, pants and more — into the floor. Then, the piles are divided into three categories — belongings to reorganize, things to donate and items to give away to friends and family.

“We found 310 shoes from as far back as 1980,” Bailey said.

The sisters said organization doesn’t have to be a dream. Lipton said you have to make the task at hand — whether overhauling a complete bedroom or simply a closet — a fun, family affair.

“Put on some music, dance around a bit and get to work,” Lipton said. “Make it fun. At 5 p.m., have a cocktail.”

A former stewardess, Lipton said she picked new ways to organize during her travels. From folding sheets to scarfs, she said everybody has a trick.

Here are a few of Lipton and Bailey’s tricks for a better closet:

Be a shoe queen:

Start with black and then progress to more colorful shoes. Place one shoe with the toe pointed towards you. Turn the mate the opposite way. Not only will you be able to select the proper shoe, you will create more space, Bailey said. Slippers should always face with the heels out so a person can slip them on with ease.

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