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November 4, 2012

Pop quiz

How much do you know about our presidents and the election process?

— — Behind every great president stands an important lady — his mother. A new book for children “First Mothers” by Beverly Cherman and Julie Downing, gives readers — both children and adults — fun facts about our country’s presidents and their mothers. Did you know Abraham Lincoln’s mother was a wrestler? Or that Bill Clinton’s mother married five times? In the days before the election on Nov. 6, take this quiz, based on the book, and other trivia and see how much you know about presidential moms, their sons and the election process.

1. Who was the first woman to be both the wife and mother of a president?

a. Elizabeth Hutchinson Jackson

b. Barbara Pierce Bush

c. Abigail Smith Adams

d. Jane Randolph Jefferson

2. Anna Kendrick Pierce loved to wear bright colors and show her ankles, despite living in a Puritan neighborhood. What was the first name of her son, who later became president?

a. Benjamin

b. George

c. Andrew

d. Franklin

3. What mother and son traded in dances and fancy food for the wilds of Kentucky?

a. Sarah Dabney Taylor and son Zachary

b. Hannah Simpson Grant and son Ulysses

c. Elizabeth Jones Monroe and son James

d. Phoebe Millard Fillmore and son Millard

4. To be elected President of the United States, a candidate must receive how many electoral votes?

a. 268

b. 240

c. 280

d. 270  

5. What was the first political party in the United States?

a. Democratic

b. Federalist

c. Colonialist

d. Republican

6. What presidential mother loved the theatre and performed in plays and might have given her son the acting bug?

a. Stanley Ann Dunham

b. Lillian Gordy Carter

c. Nelle Clyde Reagan

d. Hulda Minthorn Hoover

7. What president learned the alphabet at age two, recited poetry at age three and stared kindergarten at age four?

a. Lyndon Johnson

b. George Washington

c. Calvin Coolidge

d. Herbert Hoover

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