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March 1, 2013

Skyrocketing gas prices perplexing

The more I try to fully retire, the more prices seem to go up. I want to get ahead so I have money to travel to see my first grandchild grow up.

I have seen the gas prices go from $3.49 to $3.65 and change to $3.79 in maybe three or four days. Recently it jumped again to $3.89 a gallon. I cannot believe all or most of the gas stations got rid of all the gas in their tanks and bought more so they could go to the higher price.

I hear Virginia’s prices went down 7 cents. I am upset, and I mean upset. I took my husband to the VA Hospital on Jan. 18 and gas there was only $3.38. I called Kroger to see what the price was, and the attendant told me he couldn’t tell me the price over the phone. I got gas in Beckley, and I wish I would have filled up my tank there because when I got back into Princeton it was still $3.49, as it had been for a while. It never came down to the price in Beckley, where it is almost always higher than our area.

Can anyone tell me who I need to write to express my concerns? I hope somebody is not filling their pockets in Charleston so that businesses here can collect this money to pad their pockets just because we (the U.S.) are not buying oil from Iran as much as they did.

Most workers are hardly able to keep gas in their cars. God is watching what is going on, and these owners of the stations will pay if they were dishonest.

Elaine Hooper-Noe


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