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November 19, 2013

Obamacare flawed beyond repair

— — Deroy Murdock’s column on the editorial page of the Saturday, Nov. 9, edition of the Bluefield Daily Telegraph is spot on! The entire Obamacare debacle is predicated on misinformation, outright lies and the stupidity of Congress and the American people.

How could any rational American believe that insurance companies could offer coverage for pre-existing conditions without raising premiums? Any type of guaranteed issue policy, whether it be a life or health policy, must have increased premiums built in to cover the additional costs that undoubtedly will be incurred. While the Obama administration tries to portray the insurance companies as our big, bad enemies and are the ones responsible for canceling millions of policies, that is not the case. No industry is going to operate their business without earning a profit (except the federal government).

I am not an apologist for the insurance companies. Certainly they take advantage at every opportunity. We expect that. What we do not expect is for our president to deceive the American people by intentionally misleading the people who elected him. Had he been truthful from the very beginning, the Affordable Care Act would not now be a law.

The website debacle is not the greatest problem with enrollment in Obamacare. The whole basic premise of the law is flawed beyond repair and, in its present form, will never work. It’s time to scrap the whole thing and start over. We could start by being honest and transparent.

Jerry Martin


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