Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

January 16, 2013

Wyndale parent pleased with Melrose

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— This letter is in response to the proposed rezoning of the Wyndale Subdivision. First, I want to thank you for your reporting on this topic as these are the type things that those in power like to slide through in the middle of the night without input of those it actually affects.

I was outraged to hear that Deborah Akers and the Mercer County Board of Education are wanting to ship the children of the Wyndale Subdivision to Athens Elementary as opposed to Melrose Elementary.  Wyndale has been in the Melrose School district since the first home was built. First, while I realize that the simplest thing to do is pick a spot on the map and say send these people there, case closed, how about actually discussing the situation with the people it will affect. Further, have you asked why Melrose is getting crowded? Why Athens isn’t? Maybe it is not simply a population shift, maybe there are other reasons. How many children does this affect? How many children are attending Melrose that actually live in Wyndale? How many do you expect in the next five years? How many children attend Melrose that are not in Melrose’s school district? I have seen nothing along the lines of information where this has even been studied or discussed, but this is what I would be finding out. And as a resident of Wyndale and father to a child that will soon be entering elementary school, these are the questions that I demand be answered.

As a parent, when choosing where you live one of your primary concerns is the school district where the home is located. In 2001, I purchased a home in Wyndale in part because my children would be attending Melrose Elementary. With no disrespect intended to Athens Elementary, that is what I chose. If the roles were reversed, I am sure the parents at Athens Elementary would not want someone dictating that there children be shipped elsewhere.

 My son completed Melrose and it has served him well as he is an excellent student and I look forward to my daughter attending Melrose and having the same experience.

Mori Williams