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January 12, 2013

Who does Morgan Griffith really represent?

 I received what was called a “survey” in my mailbox last week. Our Koch Brothers representing and/or financed congressman asked seven questions clearly designed to elicit the answer his real constituents want to hear. It doesn’t matter what the majority of people want to be done. The one percent interests that our congressman represents will get what they want from him. Let’s take a closer look at his survey. Question two asks if we support drilling off the Va. Coast. His big oil owners cannot be trusted to safely drill in those stormy waters. The disaster in the gulf is being covered-up as long as “media” cooperates.

   Question five asks us to oppose that “job killing” EPA.  The regulations being enforced by the EPA are life-saving regulations. Coal has an added price to its use because of the heavy metals and asthma causing pollution resulting from its use. If we are determined to mine every ounce of coal, then we might as well send the overburden to the coast as well. We will be needing it to build seawalls. Better to bring us alternative energy jobs to replace jobs lost to the switch to sustainable energy production.

    Question seven will provide us with the answer to who Mr. Griffith really represents. His question avoids the real issue. It’s not law abiding citizens who are causing the problem. He will vote against the common sense proposals that Vice President Joe Biden will offer.

It is long past time to have back-ground checks, a ban on violent video games, a ban on  assault type weapons, cop killing bullets, a mandatory waiting period for gun purchase and an end to gun show or flea market on the spot purchases.

Nothing will stop a determined mad-man from striking at innocents. A policeman or soldier at every door and on every school bus will only provide a false sense of security. Days and years of no attack will cause a relaxation of alertness. A surprise attack is almost always successful at first. It may be good idea to have someone at the school armed and ready. I really believe they would just be added to the body count.

The NRA does not represent responsible sportsmen and hunters. It only represents the weapon manufacturers, one percenters all, and so does Morgan Griffith.  I’ll take Joe Biden’s rating and a little saner-acting country every day.

Bill Bunch

Tazewell, Va.


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