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December 7, 2012

Protect the poor and middle class

We have listened to the hateful and divisive rhetoric long enough. The election is over. Like it or not, President Obama won a clear victory for the right to a second term.

Isn’t it time for Congress to get to work on doing what they were elected to do?

We do not understand why some of the Republicans in the House think that they have a mandate to protect the rich, who lobby Congress on behalf of their big corporations.

What happened to democracy? Doesn’t it still mean that the majority rules? We do not understand why the moderate Republicans let the Tea Party wing take over the entire GOP. We think that it is time that they remember our history. Patrick Henry said, “United we stand, divided we fall.”

All that President Obama wants to do is make the top 2 percent of the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes and close some of the tax loopholes so large corporations will also have to pay their fair share. Some of these companies have said that they are willing to do just that.

We are also sick of hearing that you cannot raise taxes on the job creators. If that is true, then where are the jobs?

Anyone should know that you cannot balance all of this on the backs of the middle class. They need lower taxes so they can hire more workers, who will be paying taxes, thus putting more money into the economy. This will help the working poor make ends meet so that they don’t have to go on welfare and create more problems. We are also tired of hearing that entitlements have to be cut. People worked and paid into those programs.

Why should we protect the rich when it is not necessary right now. We should try to protect the middle class and the working poor. Those should be the nation’s priorities right now. Let us pray for President Obama and our elected leaders. Prayer always helps. God bless America.

Herbert  H. Harvey


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