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October 10, 2012

Who pays for womb-to-tomb checks?

The Democrats announced at their convention that we all belong to the government. I suppose our founding fathers would be in shock to hear that they fought the British to be free from their tyranny.

If you wish to be taken care of from the womb to the tomb, I suggest you go to McDowell County.

They have had three generations of welfare. Of course, it really is about votes. No one says who is paying for it.

I recently talked to a boy from McDowell County and I asked him about his plans for the future. He replied, “I want to get a government check and I don’t have to work and I can go hunting and fishing all I want to.”

 It’s really socialism and it gets votes, of course.

Is this the kind of future you want for your children? Once you lose your freedom, you seldom get it back.

When the Democrats use the wood investment, it really means taxes. I’m an elderly, fixed-income woman and yet I gave more to charity than Biden or Gore and yet they want other people to spend their hard-earned money on programs that make us more dependent on the government.

Judy Green


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