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July 8, 2013

The NRA supports GOP extremists

— — Just a few words to our absolutist, mediocrity educated, government hating, false patriot friends that, for what-ever reason, think the Third Reich was born out of something other than national pride, perceived German individual superiority and hatred for the Weimar Republic.

This nationalistic movement was similar to our current Tea Party efforts. We all know what happened once they gained controlling political power.

 In the course of human events absolute individual rights do not exist. Absolute rights are not included in the U.S. Constitution. You cannot say whatever you choose about another person. If you do and it results in harm to that person, it is actionable.

 You do not have an absolute right to keep and bear arms. Your right to keep and bear arms is predicated on the need for a well regulated militia.

 Please keep in mind that the National Rifle Association is in the United Kingdom. The National Rifle Association of America is in the U.S. The leadership of the National Rifle Association of America acts as a funding source for the Republican Party.

It funds radical Republican extremists. It also supports gun manufactures and does all it can to increase gun sales around the world.

 The leadership of the National Rifle Association of America also lies a lot. Ask any political candidate what happens if they do not respond favorably to the NRA.

 If our friends are are going to continue to use our current government in context with the Third Reich they should at least read The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.

Bill Morefield


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