Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

November 8, 2012

Pay attention, pray before next election

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— Three out of four Mercer County voters wanted a new president. Fifty-six percent wanted a new congressman, and 53 percent wanted a new governor. So what do we do now?

First of all — pay attention. Don’t block out the news! Listen to what your elected officials say, what they promise; and watch what they do, how they vote, what they sign their name to. Then hold them accountable. Write letters, make phone calls and talk about it. If you are not happy with the way your elected officials are, or are not doing things — let them know about it and let everybody know about it.  Don’t wait for Election Day to do something about it. The war on coal is not taking any time off. The president plans on signing an Executive Order, probably Thanksgiving weekend, that will effectively put in place the end of coal-fired electricity in America. What are all those “Friends of Coal” doing about it? My money is on “talk” ...  just like before.

Second — adjust your news sources. Add Drudge Report to your list of sources. More than 80 million people check in there every day for part of their news. Drudge is a list of headline links to different news articles. Some links you simply can’t find anywhere else. Also, bookmark  your elected officials’ websites and check them constantly.

Last, but most importantly — pray. Pray for our country, state, each other and yourself. Remember, our sufficiency is of God, not government ... get to church more often, too.

America paid $2 billion for this election and the same basic players remain in place. We will get the same results and possibly be worse off two years from now if we go back to sleep.

Paul Dorsey

Green Valley