Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

September 9, 2013

Judge Obama by actions, not words

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — I am frankly tired of the recurring discussion of the so-called Third Reich (I prefer not to use that Nazi designation, just as I try to avoid the term capitalism, which was coined by Karl Marx). What we are talking about is our current administration and its economic, political and social objectives. Socialism is an economic system characterized by direct intervention by the government, and often by the nationalization of key industries. A socialist system must be established via the political process, either by an elected representative government or by a dictatorship. Thank God that our founders framed for us a system that precludes direct imposition of policy by one branch of the government. Our president is a master of disguising his political beliefs and intentions. But one must always judge leaders by what they do, not by what they say. On that basis, the president clearly wishes to push us further towards socialism. I would cite two examples of President Obama’s socialist agenda, namely the GM and Chrysler bailouts and Obamacare.

 Space prevents me from presenting more. In the case of the bailouts, the administration pushed aside the rights of corporate bondholders in favor of granting partial ownership of the reorganized corporations to the United Auto Workers. This fulfilled a tenet of Marxist economic structure, namely workers’ ownership of the means of production. Socialism is driven by the labor unions, both in this country and abroad. The bailouts served as a way for President Obama to reward his union supporters, who comprise less than 10 percent of the national labor force, at the expense of investors.

Not many commentators state it, but Obamacare ultimately is an effort to put private insurance companies out of business and to replace them with what is commonly referred to as “socialized medicine.” This would give the federal government direct control over one-sixth of our economy. The Obamacare system dictates to the private insurance industry that it must pay out a specified percentage of its profits in claims. That requirement, combined with the mandate to cover individuals with pre-existing conditions, to retain coverage for 26-year-old “adult children,” and to provide a government-specified menu of services, cuts into insurance companies’ profit margins and restricts their ability to provide coverage without raising their premiums exorbitantly.

Another example of liberals’ hostility to the free market system is their support of a carbon tax in furtherance of an unproven theory of manmade climate change. This policy will hit home in West Virginia before long, as it will inevitably lead to the demise of the coal industry if it is enacted. I am glad that there is a pro-Constitutional movement that opposes Obama’s leftward drift, a movement that the administration has attempted to harass and muzzle through the abuses of the IRS.

Richard Haggerty