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October 19, 2013

Time to end the welfare gravy train

— — Recently here in McDowell County we had a power outage for a couple days and we did without power. That in itself was bad but finally the power came back on. The bad part about this was those people on welfare received extra food stamps — for what?

The kicker was anyone who works wasn’t qualified. Maybe I’m different from other people but why just welfare? When the people who are paying the bill for welfare do not qualify — wasn’t the power off for those that work too?

I think there are too many people riding this gravy train and have since the big thinker backed the thought of the so called great society. Some of those people who are living today rode it ever since 1965. If there is anything that needs to be eliminated it is that program. I remember when we had a flood in 1979 that same outfit in Welch put the word out that anyone on handouts who lost their frozen food in their freezer to come over to the office and they would hand them $300 to replace their food. I knew one person who didn’t have a freezer who told those gullible people that they lost everything in the freezer. It sure would be bad to go straight to Hades for a basket of groceries.

 That’s my thought for today except I can’t think of a government agency that needs investigated more than welfare.

Edd Wolfe



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