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December 9, 2013

Bring back business, stop the EPA

How much longer can people stay in West Virginia with no good paying jobs? Just remember the minute Obama took office and he turned everything over to the EPA, coal has gone downhill and is almost completely gone.

Now you get to try to make a living on minimum wage — no hours and no heath care. My solution is to bring back big business, with good paying jobs, and put the brakes on the EPA. They have too much power.

Let’s give our politicians the same thing we get — put every one of them on minimum wage, take away their health care and their so-called body guards, and let them see what it’s like to struggle from month to month. Things will change.

Last, but not least, when raise time comes and they make a 1.5 increase, see to it that’s all they get.

That kind of raise is a slap to senior citizens and the disabled.

Finally, if our roads don’t get better nothing is going to change.  Taxes are too high.

Our politicians are going to be unemployed because there is not going to be anybody in West Virginia to call it a state. Just my opinion.

Ron Bailey


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