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December 7, 2013

No noble endeavors from filibusters

Several thoughts on recent events that I would like to share with your readers. I have a brief response to Mr. Shott’s column (Nov. 26). While his column thought the recent filibuster action taken by the Democrats was a harbinger of the end times, a somewhat more realistic response was Mr. Thomasson’s column in the same Daily Telegraph edition.

No doubt when the Republicans regain Senate control, they will be reversing this action taken by the Democrats. I believe (Nov. 27) clearly states why Democrats did what they did. It states, “In the history of the U.S., 168 presidential nominations have been filibustered. Eighty-two were under President Obama and 86 were under all other presidents.” So, I believe the Republicans were using this tool, not for any noble endeavors, but to simply deny the president’s ability to appoint his choices.

For the ultimate outcome of the Republican’s attempt to repeal Obamacare, I believe it has run out of steam (unless the Tea Party puts pressure on them and then they’ll cave like a hot knife slicing butter).  Those interested in this Republican fiasco might want to read Huff Post Politics Nov. 2 article,  “Republicans say no more...” The last paragraph is extremely interesting. I am still waiting to see how much of our money was wasted in their attempts to stop Obamacare.

Since the U.S. is now a leading exporter of gasoline, I would be interested for any comment on why gas is so expensive in the  U.S. I feel the main reason is our oil companies exporting cheap U.S. oil to China, etc., and importing more expensive oil from the Middle East. By doing this, they also gain the advantage of increasing costs for any unsettling news in this area. Also, the oil pipeline from Canada will not have any affect on our costs because it ends at the U.S. oil refineries, on the Gulf, where it can be easily exported.

Bill Skeat


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