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December 6, 2013

America’s old ways now under attack

As a boy I remember the premier of Russia saying that communism would take over this country without firing a shot because this country was gullible, and anything having to do with socialism would seem suspicious.

In the good old days if you were a communist you were put in prison but then we didn’t have that good old organization the ACLU to look after us. We don’t need government running health care or anything having to do with government running it. Other countries tried this path and it has failed.

Besides we have lost too many good men defending this country and our way of life to let anyone change this.

Look what they are trying about God and even the American flag. Everything that this country stood for is under attack, and about all these things are under attack by people who have never given up anything for this country. Just a thought.

Edd Wolfe


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Letters to the Editor

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