Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

March 28, 2014

Climate change threat is very real

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — Thank you for publishing James “Smokey” Shott’s column on what 150 years of global warming has done to Earth. His article presents a terrific example of using smoke screens and cherry picked information to argue that we should do nothing to stabilize the changing climate.

However, if Smokey would do a more open-minded and unbiased job of researching the subject of climate change, he would find it is quite serious. It wouldn’t be hard for Smokey to take an online course class offered for free by one of a dozen or more universities. I took a free four-week course in January with 15,000 other students. Every week there were videos, readings and discussion forums to help students understand the most recent information about climate change.

The more Americans take these free classes and learn about climate change for themselves, the sooner Congress will enact legislation to lower emissions and slow climate change. The EPA is trying to regulate emissions, but regulations are often heavy-handed, expensive to implement and target some industries rather than treat all industries equitably.

Congress could obviate the need for more regulations by passing climate change legislation that is fair, not a drain on the economy and creates no extra burden for the public. Climate change legislation will improve our health via cleaner air and water, will improve our economy by encouraging the development of new industries and will protect us and our children by stabilizing the climate.

On this day Time Magazine’s cover story dealt with the seriousness of climate change. As their cover said: "Be Worried. Be Very Worried.”  Let’s get the smoke out of our eyes by looking honestly at climate change and let’s get Congress to act on it this year. Please learn about climate change for real, and let your members of Congress know you are very worried.

Judy Weiss

Brookline, Mass.