Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

September 23, 2012

Not the ‘change’ we had in mind

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — Are we better off? Mr. president, ask the 1,200 coal miners that will lose their jobs with Alpha Natural Resources, the 600 plus that are idled at Buchanan No. 1, and the 700 plus that lost their jobs with Arch Coal.

Not to mention the hundreds that will be affected that work for support companies that furnish supplies and parts. You promised change and it sure has happened! I think it is time for another change. Your change is not working!

The working men and women of this country are sick and tired of all the giveaways the government does. Billions of dollars given to countries that will turn and cut our throats if given the chance. I was raised to believe that charity begins at home to those that need it. To those that are riding the system, there needs to be changes made. I don’t mind to pay taxes if used the way it should be, but there is so much waste that it is pitiful. Waste and abuse of our taxpayer monies has got to be stopped.

The government needs to go back to doing what it was intended to do — serve the people — and not telling me what to do and not to do. I pray that the American people realize that what we have today is not working and we need a new direction.

Stephen R. Slade

Tazewell, Va.