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February 16, 2013

Cut Congress and not Social Security

— Yes, we older Americans are “entitled” to Social Security and Medicare since we paid into it for years.

At 73 I still pay into it. Had Social Security not been tampered with years ago and put into the General Fund, to be spent indiscreetly, it would be more than solvent for years to come.

How about this for cutting the deficit? Cut Congress in half. Do we need all of these representatives to not represent the people?

And all of the bogus departments made every whip stitch.

Too much federal government!  How about all the countries we lend (give) money to, usually requiring little or no repayment? Billions more saved.

Many of these countries don’t even like the United States. We’re paying extortion.

I just don’t comprehend the mentality behind all this foolishness. The founders of this great country gave their all for our freedom.

They were not self-serving. Will we throw it all away?

Carol Rhodes



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