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February 18, 2013

Giles school cartoon was in bad taste

When the situation arose that Narrows was linked to a strike zone, whether accurate or not, Giles County Public Schools did what they needed to do in order to keep our children safe, whether those uninvolved deemed it necessary or not. Obviously, Bluefield Daily Telegraph tried to humorously show that it was not necessary to take precautionary measures in this event.

 I would like to commend the illustrator of the comic relating to Giles County Public Schools and their “day off of school.” This comic gave me, as a U.S. history teacher at Narrows Elementary Middle School, the opportunity to use a current example of “yellow journalism.” However, if you could imagine, the perception of the comic was not one of humor, but one of disappointment in your decision to publish this comic.

When the media exploited the situation, our students were uneasy about the world around them and questioned those who were unconcerned about their safety.

I wonder if this comic would have been published in the Bluefield Daily Telegraph if it had been Bluefield or Graham mentioned instead of Narrows. I also wonder if this would have been published if you had been at Narrows Elementary Middle School and witnessed 6-year-old children crying as they came into the building or in my classroom answering the myriad of questions from children about a possible school shooter and how could they protect their classmates if I were shot first. These are ideas that 11-year-old children shouldn’t even have to ponder.

Furthermore, in the future I hope that the Bluefield Daily Telegraph uses better judgment when publishing media related to school safety and children’s well being.

Crystal Dunn

Narrows, Va.


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