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March 22, 2013

Why can’t leaders help the citizens?

— — In this paper on March 15 it was stated that John Shott was going to propose a bill calling for no more than a 3 percent restaurant meal tax on the people of Mercer County.

I realize that 3 percent is not very much, but whether 30 percent or 3 percent money is still money. If I read the article correctly, Mayor Linda Whalen is in favor of the bill, sort of comparing it to Bluefield, Va.

Why can’t our elected officials try to help the people that gave them their jobs instead of trying to take something away?

Take for instance the price of gasoline, the utility companies that are robbing us without a gun and the PSC that gives them what they ask for in rate increases.

I know there is probably not much that can be done about this, but I think they should let us know they are trying.

Every now and then you see in the paper where elected officials in Tazewell County and maybe other counties attend meetings, sometimes in Richmond, Va., about rate increases. They are at least trying to help, but why can’t our leaders do the same?

Herb Taylor


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