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May 16, 2013

In support of guns and the Constitution

— — This letter is addressed at (a former letter titled) “gun limits needed to control violence.” First off, It’s amazing to me that self-appointed Democrats seem to always forget the past history of this great country and the extraordinary role that guns took part in so you can write to a newspaper and complain about something that thousands have died to protect for you — our Constitution. However, you may pick and choose which freedoms you would like yourself to have, but you will not infringe on mine. I swore to protect and uphold the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

Fortunately the framers of the Constitution took careful consideration while writing the greatest document ever inked. They knew what a tyrannical government was and, I assure you, it was still fresh in their minds.

The writer stated that he contends his right to life, liberty and property takes precedent over his neighbor’s right to buy a gun to kill him, and vice-versa. First off, if your neighbor can legally buy a gun, he is expressing his liberty to purchase and own property.

It sounds like those around you are now being stripped of their liberties for the sake of exercising yours.  With your right to property you can purchase a car, statistically speaking they are far more deadly than guns of any magnitude. I’m not sure if I feel safe with (someone) driving around in a one-ton bullet.  How do I know he won’t run me down and kill me with it?

Most literate Americans know, interpret, and uphold what is written in our Constitution, and yes we all do bring our past experience to the table. I can understand why the parents of the children from Sandy Hook would want guns banned. I don’t agree with it but I do understand where they are coming from. It is the rest of our jobs to make them understand that where we come from we don’t kill people, we hunt, we target shoot, we shoot in competitions, and if need be, we shoot to uphold our freedoms.

To date, I have not met one person that believes violence can be reduced with less guns. I have met many people who believe the level of violence in society can and will be reduced and that one of the ways to do this is through more law-abiding citizens to take to arms and defend themselves without relying on big government to protect them.

I have not met anyone who believes the government should tell me how many bullets my clips will hold. If I had a million-round clip would it really matter? As long as I am respectful of my neighbor and not breaking any laws — it shouldn’t. It would be like me trying to limit how many CDs are in your CD changer for the sake of noise pollution, or how much air is in your tire for the sake of wasted gas mileage.

Projection of irrational thought and processes and irrational beliefs translated into irrational behavior is a real problem with the Donkey party! Rebuttals would be appreciated.

Nathan Delimont


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