Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

January 25, 2014

The 2016 storm clouds are forming

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — Storm clouds are beginning to form over us which will increase until such a downpour beginning in mid-January 2016 will flood the entire United States, including Hawaii and Alaska.

This flood will not consist of water.  It will consist of a mighty flood of books, magazine articles, television shows, movies and other media, all as a release of pent-up emotions of writers and philosophers who have been longing to tell their story of the eight years of Barack Obama’s presidency, a story which they, with a few exceptions, have been hesitant to tell for fear of retaliation by some of the players in the drama.

The presidency of Obama will be the subject of thousands of analyses written by historians, university professors of government, psychology, communication experts, theologians, etc.  A huge number of PhD candidates will find their dissertation topics within the record of Obama’s tenure in the office of  president of the United States.

The number of publications about Obama’s presidency may become greater over the years than those about Jesus, who is at the top of the list followed by President Lincoln and Napoleon.

The clouds of a coming storm may be seen in the rebellion of some of Obama’s staunchest supporters, especially in the Senate. But the darkest cloud is the book by Obama’s ex-Secretary of Defense Gates.

Now that he has broken the ice, others will be emboldened to follow suit. To be at the front, they will stampede and the rapid increase  in the critiques will culminate in a flood just after Obama no longer wields the power of retaliation which is inherent in the office of the presidency.

From here on, folks, it’s going to be a wild ride.

D.R. Baldwin

Athens, WV