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November 2, 2013

Lots of problems with Obamacare

— — Now that the pointless standoff in D.C. is over, and the federal government is back in business and again has permission to borrow endless billions of dollars, we all can begin to see what a total mess the Democratic Party has inflicted on us in the form of Obamacare.

 This law clearly was constructed piecemeal, throwing in provisions that appealed to political constituencies and some changes that the public supported unthinkingly. For example, the system as currently constituted relies on young, healthy Americans to sign up for health insurance in large numbers so that the premiums for older, sicker individuals can be kept at an affordable level. The authors of the bill, however, decided to allow young people up to the age of 26 to remain covered under their parents’ insurance, thus excluding them from the “exchanges” that are the heart of the Obamacare system. How much sense does that make? Furthermore, what incentive do young people have to purchase health insurance when they can instead pay a nominal fine and remain uninsured? Before Obamacare, many young people declined to carry health insurance that they believed they didn’t need.

Another disincentive for young people is the fact that policyholders with pre-existing conditions no longer are excluded from insurance coverage. So if someone without coverage contracts a major illness, they can purchase insurance after the diagnosis. So why should a young person carry health insurance at all?

To be fair, one must observe that the Republicans made no effort to address the problem of the uninsured population while they controlled both houses of Congress. I suspect that this was the case because Democrats consistently opposed free-market based solutions, and the Republicans didn’t relish a battle on that turf. The Democrat Party is in many ways not an ideologically-driven party, but one motivated entirely by the pursuit of power and control over the American people. Dr. Benjamin Carson has observed that the Soviet system established by Lenin had as one of its pillars the control of health care. Obamacare fulfills the same function for our government.

It represents a tremendous tool with which to direct the lives of ordinary Americans and with which to exercise power over the private sector. This is why Democrats never will support any significant changes to this new order.

Richard Haggerty


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