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October 25, 2013

No exemptions for police, officials

— — I have noticed how popular it has become for our elected officials to pass laws that they nor law enforcement have to abide by. Two examples are the Affordable Care Act, which Congress and the president are exempt from, and the West Virginia distracted driver by electronic device law, which law enforcement officers are exempt from.

I’m not going to argue the pros and cons of either law, I just think that if both laws are sufficient for the masses then they should apply to both our elected officials and law enforcement. 

   The distracted driver by electronic device exemption for law enforcement is supposedly so they can call 911 or so they don’t have to put sensitive information over the radio. In other words for our security and we all know what happens when we give up liberty for security. If that is true then why are we spending money on radios? Why don’t we just issue cell phones for communication and save the money otherwise spent for radios and towers with repeaters? Most every law enforcement officer I pass on the road is on a cell phone, either talking or texting. How could every one of these law enforcement officers be contacting 911 to pass sensitive information? If all of these officers are contacting 911 then how are the common folk supposed to call 911? How can we ensure that law enforcement officers are not conducting personal business on the phone while driving?

   If our elected officials are going to pass laws they should be followed by everyone, no exemptions, especially by elected officials and law enforcement. Urge your elected officials to stop special exemptions for the government and its agencies. We should expect more out of our government than to become a tyrannical democracy.

Mark Gunter


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