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October 9, 2013

Feeding pigeons should be prohibited

— — Some cities have laws against feeding pigeons. We certainly need one if we do not already have one. God provides for all wild animals. They know exactly what he wants them to do. Birds and bees know exactly what God told them to do.

However, we have some do-gooder people who like to interfere with God’s plan for his wild animals especially the birds. Now they don’t interfere with the bees and bears, but the birds are a different thing — they feed them when they shouldn’t.

Wild birds should never be fed in the summertime. God put them here to help farmers. But, if they are fed here in the city, they are on the dole and have no reason to go to the farm where they are badly needed.

Last week I counted 70 pigeons on a line that covers my backyard and the area where we have to park our cars. The yard is littered with feathers and droppings, which everyone knows is a very unhealthy thing. It is a very unhappy person to go out to your car and find it covered in bird doo.

I am asking all you good people who think you are helping God by feeding the birds. Ask yourself again what God had in mind when he made wild animals, especially the birds and bees. They do not need your help. God provides for them.

Floriene Austin

Bluefield, Va.

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Letters to the Editor

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