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June 6, 2013

Big thinker not interested in truth

— — When in the world is this country going to get tired of seeing our very fabric being torn down. The kind of people that are working in Washington — especially at the White House — are trying to tear down this country and what is so depressing is the good people continue to sit on their hands and say nothing or do nothing. It seems that no one — not even the big thinker — is interested in the truth of anything that is brought up about the affairs of this country.

They are not interested in the truth about anything. It is like the old saying that says when their lips are moving they are either eating or lying. I have never seen so many people working in Washington who couldn’t care less about the truth. It seems that this country is covered up with people that have very little experience doing nothing except working on the public rolls.

Being a veteran of any military service — by any of those in the White House that have served in the military — think the biggest that needs to be done other than more jobs for folks is to start the draft again. At least if a person got elected to a seat in Washington there is a outside chance they at least would know what the military was all about. It seems that most of the big thinkers don’t have a clue on how to fix anything. Just a thought!

 Edd Wolfe


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Letters to the Editor

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