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October 29, 2012

Big thinker keeping promise on coal

It seems like all the big thinkers who are running for office will say anything or do anything to get back into office.

To me it seems if a person would just play prior videos and that alone would show this man cannot tell the truth about anything and therefore cannot be trusted.

 That old saying if the person’s mouth is moving it is either eating or lying could be the right path of thinking.

How that person could have the gall to face the public is beyond me. The only big truth I can think of is the big thinker promised to do away with coal. He sure has been doing that.

Just think I received a letter from the president of the UMWA in 2008 to vote for this thinker. I’m glad I ignored that. Had I not I wouldn’t bring that up. That’s my thought.

 Edd Wolfe



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