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October 27, 2012

Commissioners wrong on Halloween

Well, it appears our locally elected officials have really done it this time! They couldn’t leave well enough alone and have decided to change the date of trick-or-treating to Tuesday, October 30.

 However, it seems that the only locality that is following the Mercer County Commission’s directive is the city of Princeton. Other localities in our county are sticking with the traditional date of Halloween, October 31.

I strongly agree with those local communities that are observing Halloween on the 31st. The churches in our area should not have been allowed to pressure any government official to change the day of trick-or-treating just to accomodate those that may attend a church service on Wednesday night.

 The churches could have moved their services to Tuesday or Thursday, or even canceled them. If July 4 falls on a Wednesday, are the churches going to demand that the firework shows be moved to another night so they won’t interfere with their services?

And what is amazing is that some churches will cancel their services if Christmas falls on a Sunday, and they will even cancel Sunday night services on Super Bowl Sunday. Yet, these churches don’t want kids to trick-or-treat on a night that they have a church service.

It appears to me that many locally elected officials need to brush up on their American history! We are not a theocracy!

We have a separation of church and state. Unfortunately, it appears that our local officials don’t understand this!

Tim Snead


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