Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

October 11, 2012

Time to drug test food stamp recipi

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— Regarding the article titled, “Post-prison supervision key in W.Va. inmate crisis”: This is the second letter in regard to some of our citizens buying, using and dying from drugs.

When are the population and the lawmakers going to come to the realization that they have the perfect opportunity to curb this horrible problem by simply putting a law on the books for drug testing of recipients of food stamps?

I personally know of several families who have lost loved ones from drug overdoses and the loved ones were receiving food stamps.

One example was a woman who was living with a man friend and they both had two children. Each one received $400 plus, which comes to over $800 per month and this does not take into consideration the WlC, health care and dental care they also received along with clothing vouchers. These two low-life people were selling their food stamps in order to purchase drugs. In the meantime, their four children were going without proper food and living conditions.

I do not know how to figure the total amount of monies they were receiving, but over a period time it would amount to thousands of your tax dollars.

The state of Florida is doing this very same thing and already they are witnessing a drop in not only drug use but young people dying of drug overdoses.

So why are our lawmakers complaining about this when it would take one law to put a stop on some of this drug use and the harming of small children, too, by them not getting proper nutrition.

Donald Ingram