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August 15, 2012

Democrat is party of Obama, not JFK

West Virginia is at the bottom of every list we should be at the top of, and the top of every list we don’t want to be on. It stands to reason that this is directly related to the last 80 years of state Democrat leadership at all levels here.

Nationally, this is not the party of JFK anymore! It’s the party of Obama, Reid and Pelosi. (The Senate will probably stay that way if Manchin keeps his job.)

Locally, reality just doesn’t matter. As intelligent an electorate as we have in West Virginia, the enormous resources we possess will remain untapped because we’ve always voted the same way. We are where we are today, because of the decisions we made yesterday.

So, once again, loyal Democrats will not vote for their party’s presidential candidate but hold their nose and vote for all the rest.

This state and our country will continue down the same road until Democrats stop holding their noses and get a good whiff of what they are voting for!

Our state government will more than likely stay the way it is until we wake up and smell the coffee.

Please don’t be fooled again.

Paul Dorsey


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